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Default Re: Celebrity Millenium - good/bad

Originally Posted by ucreate
Hi there. My husband & I were considering taking our first cruise on Celebrity Millenium. We have looked on different review sites & there seem to be many negative reviews on Celebrity Millenium regarding poor food, scratched & dented cabin furniture, mattresses, poor entertainment performers, etc.
Has anyone been on this ship in the past 3 months & care to comment.
Hi ucreate,

There have been many reports about some of the older Celebrity ships about those very things from many different posters. The food and service are about the same as any mass market cruise line and I have always found them to be good.

One point that you should really make yourself at least aware is the fact that there is a design problem that affects the propulsion system from time to time on the Millennium, Infinity and Summit. The last time the Millennium had a problem was just in early March of this year. A search on "POD problems" will give you all the information, is you desire to check it out.

I would advise checking out when the last refurbishment was for the Millennium. For a period of time after refurbishment the ship should be in good condition.

Unfortunately my last cruise on Celebrity the ship did have one of these mechanical problems and it was handled very poorly by Celebrity. So, I can say yes, I did have a horrible cruise on Celebrity. With those pesky propulsion problems on Celebrity it is just luck of the draw as to whether you have a good cruise or a bad one.

Hope some of this helps.

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