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I think so but get slammed by the RCL fanatics.
While the new ships seem cool and all and I would loveee to sail on one of them: 1. They are tooo expensive! I can sail Carnival for wayyy cheaper! 2. It's wayyyyy to big! I would see one cute guy and will never see him again.

And most importantly, I hate being on a small island with all the people from ship, so I can only imagine what it would be like the ship I'm on, plus one of those mammoth ships with like 6,000 people!

And besides, who can afford to go on those now a days anyway?!?
And they are coming out with 3?!? Wooowwww. They should just stop at Oasis.
What else can they add anyway? A parking garage for cars with a racetrack up top?!? haha
Jay = ]

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