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Default Cruise Line Gourmet Food?

Originally Posted by fireba11
Paul Motter wrote a great article on cruise line cuisine. Everyone should check it out!

I have always told folks who have never been on a cruise ship that the food is 5 star caliber and a great reason to go on a cruise. Now, thanks to Paul, I have proof to back it up. Thanks for a great article Paul.


I also thought it was a very good article, especially for people who may not know a lot (like i didn't going in to the article). I really appreciate you saying so.

Cruise Line Cuisine: Is it Really Gourmet?

I am just crious who may have read my article on cruise line cuisine. I found it very interesting to find out who the gourmet chefs in the world are, and how some of them are affiliated with cruise lines.

Carnival actually has one of the most famous French chefs in the world as its consulting chef - Georges Blanc. Oceania Cruises has another very well-known chef, Jacques Pepin.

Over the weekend my wife and I went to Las Vegas. I have been doing so much research into gourmet food lately I just had to try one (actually two ) of the top gourmet restaurants in Las Vegas.

So, we went to Mix, a restaurant started by Alain Ducasse, one of the most Michelin Starred chefs ever (he has received 25 in total). Now, I realize that in the case of Las Vegas some of these chefs hardly do much more than create the recipes, but still, they use their original recipes, care about the ingredients and the method of cooking - otherwise they couldn't charge the prices they charge.

I had a filet mignon topped with fois gras and black truffles. It must have had $20 worth of truffles on top of it (I have purchased small truffles before just to see what they are like). The steak was delicious. My wife had a freshly cooked free-range chicken - also delicious.

This was a once in a lifetime (or maybe once per year) treat, we mostly eat at home. But I actually have to say that cruise ship food measures up very well to this meal that cost us almost $200! (and no, we didn't have wine, that was just the food & tip). It seems you pay a lot more for just a marginal improvement in food. You pay for expertise and the fine touches. I mean you can't make food taste five times better just because a meal costs five times as much.

Still, in my personal opinion the food on cruise ships, ESPECIALLY in the alternative dining spots, is just as good as the food we had in this "best chef in the world" restaurant. And I really mean that.

I highly recommend my article if you don't know that much about gourmet cuisine and you want to know more about that topic in general and how the food on cruise ships measures up.
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