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The interesting thing about Todd English is that he was probably the least highly regarded by my culinary sources (for the article I wrote).

The chef who consulted with Cunard for the Queen Mary 2 was Daniel Boulud, who is far more highly regarded than Todd English.

As I say in the article, Boulud grew up in France, Living on a food farm (produce and animals) selling his wares at a local marketplace and working in his grandparents inn serving food. He started cooking as a teenager and by age 18 was working in a two-star restaurant owned by Georges Blanc.

Todd English grew up in America with an Italian Mom and an English father. They did not own restaurants.

Which one would you rather have cooking your food?

Anyway - Bouloud "should have" had the namesake restaurants on Cunard because he is far more accomplished.

I do not know Ming Tsai, but I just googled him. He has that same Asian/latin fusion idea that made Nobu famous. He has "Asian Gazpacho with Shrimp Toast, Avocado Puree & Cilantro Cream" on the menu.

Nobu (who works closely with Crystal) is very highly regarded in the world of chefs. His sushi is considered the best in the world by many.
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