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I have always found the food over all good on a cruise, and if I dont like it, I dont care as I order something else. I have eaten in specialty ( Cagney's) and I was not that impressed. It was a nice night because of the people we were with and we had a great time, but was it worth it money wise? No not in my view. I certainly get a better steak at Madisons or Le Bieftek than I did at Cagneys. Personally the food is good enough in the places we dont pay, and personally we will not pay extra to eat in specialty. We like for example the mexican on NCL and went to it when it was not a pay speciatly option, but now one must pay and therefore we wont pay to eat there because it is simply not that much better to warrant paying IN OUR VIEW. Others will feel differantly.

I am far more interested in good serice, because no matter how good the food is, if I dont get good service and am left waiting for everything including a cup of tea at the end of my meal which never did come, then I am simply ticked off and no matter how good the food tasted it was a lousy meal if there is no good service. Great service and so so food makes for a good meal for me.
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