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Katlady... I love the way you think!

I happen to be the world's worst lawn mower and I never get asked to build a piece of furniture or connect a new light socket. I'm just not very "handy" around the house.

The truth is, I am not the world's greatest but I can certainly do most things like paint, wallboard, and especially wiring, but my wife thinks I'm too impatient, and maybe I am.... anyway, she says I am and I agree and that works out just fine for us.

Phoenix has NO michelin starred restaurants but we have a guy who supposedly makes the best pizza in America. It is called "Pizza Bianco" and I have never been there because the line s usually three hours long.

Pizzeria Bianco, located in historic Heritage Square in downtown Phoenix, has been anointed the best pizza in America by Ed Levine, author of Pizza: A Slice of Heaven.
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