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I sometimes felt like my younger years were just the grazing years. My friends and I would spend many evenings out exploring the wonderful restaurants, where ever we would find ourselves at that particular moment. As a teen my Father and I would usually be out together enjoying dinner wherever my Mother or her band was playing that night. They played at some very good restaurants. So in a nutshell I was spoiled in that way and developed a taste for very good food and the enjoyment of a nice evening out. Of course at some point one realizes that for what you spend dining out at nice restaurants several nights a week, one could own a nice home . So I grew up and while we enjoy a nice meal out from time to time, I don't indulge nearly as much as I did before kids and when I was single.

As much as I valued the unique and wonderful flavors, and the great service, nowadays when I cruise I mostly appreciate the departure from the norm. I just look forward to have someone take care of my needs, taking my order, serving me and not having to do any of the work. Sometimes the food is nicely above average, sometimes it is simple and filling and it is all fine and delicious and consistently appetizing. Rarely does anything disappoint, if so you are always encouraged to try something else. I have had a few extremely outstanding meals on a ship, one was Harry's Supper Club, and it was delicious in quality and I was overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of food.I remember dessert was an ensemble of three different dark chocolate dishes on one plate.

Costa was really the exception. The food was OK, nothing to write home about though. Quality was lacking. D/H and I laughed to ourselves as we had been in Sicily earlier in the day and had enjoy strolling down the street while eating fresh cannoli. Well late that night we went for dessert and coffee, we spotted a dessert cart with cannoli and grabbed a couple. When we bit into it, it was frozen. What a disappointment. They had halibut on the menu and the fish they served was some tiny little filet of a sad little whitefish, definitely not halibut.
They also had a speciality resturant Club Concordia which was billed as...
"Michelin-star Italian chef Ettore Bocchia's innovative "molecular cuisine." Bocchia, the executive chef at the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio, has made a name for himself by studying the physical and chemical properties of food, and using science to devise new ways of preparing dishes — for example, cooking with liquid nitrogen, which freezes food at minus 196 degrees, but by some miracle of science doesn't make the item unbearably cold in the mouth. Another: heating fish in melted sugar rather than oil cuts the cooking time in half (and because the fish is wrapped in leak leaves, it never touches to sugar ... and maintains its original taste with no fat). The cover charge for this experience is $25."
Well there was none of the "molecular cuisine" to be found on the menu. The food that was served there was similar to what you would find served in most of the dining rooms on most cruise ships...It was OK, but not what was advertised.
So in my opinion, gourmet or not, most of the cruise line food is just fine and dandy with me, and even occasionally exceptional. So we'll just keep on cruising!

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