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Originally Posted by Delft
Funny BW, because I grew up in a family that had many social functions and very formal dinners, because of the jobs of my grandparents and father, and other family members.......Today I just prefere to be less formal and more relaxed. Maybe I am getting old.
There's nothing wrong with that at all. You know I really viewed my nights out with dad as something special and nice because of our lifestyle. We rarely all sat down together at the table for a meal. My Father would get up early in the morning to go to work. My Mom would sleep in late, because she worked as a musician until all hours of the night. So we were always coming and going like ships passing in the night. No set breakfast, lunch or dinner times. We had a lot of frozen pizzas, mac & cheese and stuff that was easy for kids or Dads to make. I was always involved in swimming, gymnastics, diving, and my own music activities from school, my sister had her stuff too, as did my brother, and we all just kind of did our own things. So to sit down at a nice meal, with my dad and I, that was very wonderful. For my 13th birthday (I think was one of my best birthdays ever) my Dad drove me to Chicago, we had a fun Day of shopping in the Loop. He took me to Don Roth's Blackhawk Restaurant for lunch and to see Nanette Fabray's One Woman Show "Oscar Ladies" at Drury Lane. Then out to Palos Heights to see Frank Pellico play the twin Organ to my Mother's a Hammond X66, a behemoth on stainless steel columns that dwarfed anything else made at that time (OK it impressed him alot ) at the Matterhorn in Palos Heights for Dinner.
So I guess that this is why I remember those times so fondly, and still enjoy a nice night out once in a while

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