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Last year (or the year b4) when the retired marine killed the would-be robber in Costa Rico, the authorities initially allowed the man to return to the ship. A few days later when the locals made a stink about the "poor" robber being "murdered" by an American, the authorities tried to have the man returned to Costa Rica to face charges. Carnival immediately cancelled ALL port stops in Costa Rica. The decision to press charges against the man was reversed. Carnival reinstated the original port stops in that country.

Regardless of what the true facts are in this current case, Carnival knows full well that they are transporting travel novices to far off lands without any type of forewarning as to culture and social do's and don't's. It is in the interest of Carnival to have each and every passenger back on the ship at the end of a port stop in the same condition that they left the ship (except sunburns, of course). It does Carnival too much bad press to have passengers arrested and detained.

For many many people, traveling by mega-cruiseliner is the only time they have ever, and will ever leave the U.S. Carnival is responsible for them. Maybe not legally but morally and physically.

For Antigua's sake, this may just be another Carnival ploy to get them to speed up the conclusion of this unfortunate incident. It is getting a good amount of news time/space up here in NYC.

It doesn't help any of the cruiselines for this story to continue.
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