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Originally Posted by HoustonTodd
Ok I found a great deal on cruise compete, but question ... if I book with a TA instead of direct through Carnival, will I still be able to book my excursions ahead of time and speak to carnival if I have questions like when I booked direct before?
Many will say you must go through the TA if you booked through a TA. But if you have questions of Carnival just ask your question without GIVING info. As long as the question is not specific to your booking, Carnival will answer. Tell them you are booked through a TA and they will blow you off immediately. And 99.999% of answers are online, on cruise boards, on the cruiseline website, or in their brochures. READ, READ, READ, and become your own expert.

Unless you are determined to only sail Carnival branded ships forever, you could establish a relationship with a TA that can book you on any cruiseline.
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