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Originally Posted by cwr322
Originally Posted by Phil&Liz

They no longer have a Captains cocktail reception with complementary drinks, but offer $1 off cocktails at the promenade deck bars.

This was something that was discussed but its nice to get a first hand account.
Phil & Liz
Do you mean they no longer have a Captains cocktail reception at all, or that the drinks just aren't free. If that is the case, are they now having the Farewell Party on the last day of you cruise with free drinks? I remember reading this mention a while back in John Heald's blog, however, I thought it was just being tried on one ship.
No Captains reception per se. The aft bars all have the $1 off cocktails and the Captain was hanging out in the public areas near the wine bar for photographs. He introduced his crew in the theater prior to the production show. He really has to hang with the guests longer this way IMHO, but it is certainly not a reception in the lounge as in the past.

There was a past guest party but nothing else.
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