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Originally Posted by thasic
It would really be according to what you mean by disabled. In a wheelchair, no problem. Blind, okay. Now this is going to sound cruel but, a horrible disfigurement, some disgusting (although unavoidable and not intentional) habit or some such, man I'm moving. I paid big bucks for a cruise and sitting next to the Rainman ain't cutting it. Sorry. I know it may seem shallow, but I am not going to suffer just to appear noble when I'm on vacation.
It’s not being noble when you as a fellow human can accept others for all their frailties. So what you are saying is I can accept some of you, but not others in life, and especially when cruising,,,,,why... as I paid for this experience and given that,,,when on a ship reality in life should be different,,, and everyone is perfect, shame on that thinking

Sorry, that bubble if it exists should be BURST, as ships present the most diverse social vacation experience out there that you will ever meet, a captive audience, tight living and socially diversity. You cant just walk away, you deal with it or go into a personal bubble.

And thats the problem, more go into personal bubbles and dont accept the experience of others that may not their normal social profile

More and more lines are introducing ways of dining and removing the chance of potential people meeting, ie anytime dining, increased buffet areas etc. They have done this because some races and people are now so insolar that they cannot extend their lives to take in others,,,thats the biggest shame
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