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Default Food Poisoning on 2/18 Mille cruise?

I was on the 2/18 cruise of the Millennium. After dinner on Monday evening (the first formal) I got EXPLOSIVELY ill. (not seasick) I was up all night... (I'll spare you all the gorey details), but suffice to say, I went to the ship doctor first thing Tuesday morning. I was almost put on an IV because I was so dehydrated and was unable to retain any fluids. They gave me a shot of compisine, and a prescription for antibiotics (Cipro). (Obviously they don't prescribe antibiotics for seasickness, but neither the doctor nor the nurses would confirm the likeliness of food poisoning) I was charged $138.00 for the visit.

I was in bed all day/night Tuesday, and was not fully able to enjoy food again until Friday morning. I overheard many people around the ship also discussing how ill they got on Monday night. Some people speculated that over 200 people including crew members were ill following that meal.

If you, or someone else you know were on the cruise and had similar symptoms, I'd love to hear from you. I expressed my concerns to guest relations, and asked them to comp the $138.00, to no avail. Thanks or your assistance!

Lisa Guillette
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