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Default H. STERN in Manus

"Talked with the person that bought the jewelry at H. Stern a few months back and she is 100% happy and pleased with her purchase. Learned that her husband sat on a bench outside the store and to this day does not know how much she paid." THAT IS SO FUNNY.. The first thing I wanted to do when I got to Manaus was to go to H. Stern...and it didn't take us long to grab one of their drivers and go over to the Tropicana Hotel where the store was located.. Yes, I know the benches where the womans husband the delightful Scottish sales lady was delightful, but Parrot Pop just wouldn't go for the piece I wanted.. He said i could eat for the rest of the year or have the piece... That's okay.. when we stopped at the Opera House I ran across the street to a local shop and bought two native necklaces.. The wild part is that in Santarem... I went to the flea market at the end of the dock and bought four pairs of native semi precious polished stone necklaces ..each stone wrapped in gold colored wire at ...$7.00 each and receive raves everytime I wear the white stone with either the amethyst, lapus or a green...An elderly cruiser at the table with me was quite knowledgable about stones and said at the original price of $10.00 each they were a steal..
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