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Default Re: Food Poisoning on 2/18 Mille cruise?

I was on the same cruise last week. My wife became ill and was in bed over one day but felt terrible for about 3 days. At my table 6 out of 9 people became sick. I heard a great many passengers say that members of their party were sick. One lady at our table even received a call from the Food Services asking what she had eaten. At the very least if a great many people were getting sick the cruise line should have notified all their passengers there may be a problem. We are not sure if they had a serious case of food poisoning or a virus on board but more sensitivity by the line was needed. Compensation for not letting us get what was advertised should happen. We missed Puerto Rico because of engine problems of some type and were compensated $100 per stateroom. The line was putting the Millenium in to drydock on April 1st for 2 weeks. Things don't add up!
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