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Good morning everyone:

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Weather wise it's sort of sucky (nice adjective eh?) but I feel like my normal self, whatever that is.

Yesterday I didn't mention that my sister and her husband risked infection and came to stay at my place for a long weekend. It's nice having them here but they have a number of things to do so they are basically using my house as a base of operations. I don't mind that. They are great house-guests. They can fend for themselves, even do their own cooking and not mind at all.

This morning we will be heading out to a local restaurant for brunch. It is a nice place with great food so I'll have to put on a "cruise outfit" (Dockers and shirt) to go. My normal jeans and "I'm with stupid" t-shirt (Arrow pointing up) won't cut it there.

Beenie: Ah the joys of home maintenance. I've been where you were but the difference is that I'm the one holding the latter and throwing stuff up to Betty. My life insurance isn't what it used to be so she won't let me up on a ladder, much less the house, anymore. I'm glad you found the problem when you did so it didn't become a major problem.

Well: It's time to get in the shower and prepare for the fancy feast. I want everyone to have a great Sunday and make this week the best one you've ever had.

Take care,
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