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Good afternoon all!

Actually R/D, today's Sunday menu is nothing exciting and is what I call "country basic.." We both enjoy Roast Pork and we have it frequently. We last had it about three weeks ago so I went to the store and bought a small one today. I don't like loin roasts because even though I have finally learned the trick to roasting them and still have them juicy (but the juices run clear), I prefer a piece with some fat in it and therefore purchase what they call around here, a boneless butt. I dredge it prior to roasting in the same thing I dredge chicken when I fry it; flour, salt and pepper. Today's menu will also include tossed salad with homemade creamy garlic dressing, the roast with a rich gravy made from the drippings, mashed potatoes, steamed mixed vegetables dressed in butter and the obligatory southern yeast rolls. Dessert will be coffee and banana splits.

Glad you're feeling better Mike and as for your situation, B/W, I'm probably even less skilled in things home repair than your husband. Last week I had to replace a shower arm and after completion, I just knew it was going to leak so I turned on the water and then went down to the basement to see if I could get away with calling the plumber until Monday. Would you believe the thing never leaked??

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Sunday. As for your's truly, I'm going to watch the boys run over at Kansas but I do find that usually a very boring track.

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