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Default Re: Drinking water...

Originally Posted by Billy K.
We are about to leave on our first cruise in a couple of weeks, my wife, teenage daughter and myself. I have seen several posts about people bringing their own drinking (bottled) water. Is the tap water safe to drink on the ship? or is it just a taste difference?

I have also seen a few posts that say to bring a water filter with you. Do you recommend this?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
The ship's water is as safe or safer than any public water system in the U.S. The water is seawater that either goes through distillation or reverse osmosis.

Bringing a water filter is a waste of luggage space. Some people just like to bring their own water but I can't really understand why.

The only ship that I have sailed that had water that didn't taste good was the Carnival Pride. The water was fine but it just had a taste to it. It's the only ship in about 20, that I have sailed, that had a "taste" to the water.

Take care and leave the filter at home.
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