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Compared to some, I suppose it's not that scary now, but it was at the time.
On our first cruise ever (3 yrs ago) we booked the 4 day Mexican cruise out of long beach....
I was so excited I couldn't stand myself, after we boarded about 45 min later, I started getting sick to my stomach and light headed and then I started thinking about the money we spent for the cruise and what would happen if I'm already getting sea sick, I'll lose my money, what would happen with my friend and sister, would they still go, would they stay? I was working my way up to a full blown nervous breakdown...
So we tried to hurry up to our cabin for the sea sick pills we brought and by the time we got there, I was all better, my nerves calmed down and we never had to take any pills.
by the way.... the ship was still docked... lol
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