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You are correct that my unfortunate Celebrity cruise was about three years ago.
Some always seem to want to make this problem about me and that is just not so. This problem is about some Celebrity ships. It can affect all passengers as it has in the past and this same exact problem has happened at least five times after my cruise.

Since I have read positives reports from someone whose last mclass ship was over four years ago and another report from someone's godson, please allow me to offer a recent report about the Millennium.

A friend of mine was on the Millennium March 1-15, 2009 cruise from Sidney to Auckland. Same exact problem happened to them. They missed the first port of Phillip Island and then they missed what was to have been the highlight of the cruise Christ Church. Passengers received the same poor and miss-information that we did on our cruise.

A prime example of that cruise was that when it was time to leave Dunedin, the port just before the missed port of Christ Church, Celebrity announced that they were going to have an unscheduled stay over night in port. This was due to what Celebrity claimed was "bad weather". As our friends sat on their balcony that night they watched the Holland America Volendam sail along with various cargo ships coming and going into port.

Because of "bad weather" there was not even any compensation from Celebrity for missing the Port of Christ Church and the passengers only received the usual $100 onboard credit for missing a great deal of their cruise. I agree that the ship was no doubt not able to sail safely because of the break down and safety should always come first, but IMHO, honesty should also come first.

Before, I get slammed again, let me point out that I am only reporting the facts and most certainly the recurring problem with the propulsion system on some Celebrity does not happen that often, but they do happen and IMHO they will continue to happen in the future on the Celebrity Millennium, Infinity and Summit.

That said, there are also many good points about the Millennium. I love the theater on this class of ship. The food and service were also on a par with other mainstream cruise lines.

If this was a one-time problem it would not even be worth much discussion. Unfortunately with this problem, that is not the case.
Facts and information is what most of us here on cruisemates expect and want.

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