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Originally Posted by sz
not sure what you mean by "international bank account" - those I know just have their 'normal' band account in whatever country they're from. i.e. from the UK - Barclays, NatWest, etc, etc. Procedure may vary on the cruise line . . .

If you work on a ship based out of States, and are not a US citizen - you'll be getting a C1D Seaman's visa. You'd need to leave the country within a day or so, and then re-enter on a tourist visa. I think this question 'may' be been discussed on this forum before - so try a search
Thanks again sz, i've seen international bank accounds with Barclays, basically they give you credit/debit card and money withdrawl function that you can use in the US without incurring the "processing" charges/fees that you get when you use a UK credit/debit card in the US or elsewhere.
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