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Default NCL Jade - Cabin Choice Please

Hi all,
I have done a bit of searching but am still a bit confused and need some advice please.

We are looking to book NCL Jade from Barcelona doing Morocco and the Canaries for January coming.
There will be my husband, I and our baby who will be 17 months. We have sailed RCCL and X in the past and I am always on the lookout for best abng for my buck on the cabin front and luckily, on most of my cruises I have managed to nab myself one of those 'secret cabins' - you know the ones with that balcony that's 'slighty' larger than others within the same category etc.
Anyways, I've done a bit of searching and these seem to be few and far between on NCL.
Originally I was looking at booking either an AF or a BA and was looking for Aft cabins as I thought the balconies would be bigger but now I have just read that it is only the BA balconies that are bigger back there! Soooo ...
The AF is only about $100 or so more than the BA and I was more or less decided on that as we will have our little boy with us so the extra room would be great BUT ... are the BA balconies bigger on the Aft??? ... See, now I'm feeling like I'm missing out on something
We're not totally fussed on being all the way at the back to be honest. I know everyone raves about the view and everything but I think we prefer a side view BUT would opt for a larger cabin / balcony over view any day ... hope I'm not confusing everyone!

Sooo Long story short ...should we go for an AF over one of the aft BA's,
And if so, which side of the ship would be best for our itinerary (Malaga, Agadir, Madiera, Casablanca, Las Palmas).
And one final one, should we go for a covered or uncovered balcony? On one hand I'm thinking a bit of sun on the balcony would be nice for sunbathing / reading while our little boy naps but on the other ....

Please help a very confused cruiser
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