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Just a funny thought, what with all the much ado re/ the Antigua Six who fought over the cab fare with the police---
Suppose on the last night of the cruise when the tips were handed out the service staff in the dining room felt they had been stiffed in one way or another and didn't get enough--- and ---the good passengers felt they had been overcharged on the tipping thingee and had paid too much in tips for service recieved---then a huge brawl broke out in the dining room between the pax's and the service staff-- boy oh boy what a sight to see-- punches thrown, hair pulled, bread and rolls hurled back and forth, --- the tall waiter from India with a steak knife chasing the short fat man from the Bronx---the 90 lb Philipino lady server rolling on the floor with her hands around someones throat-- an asst. waiter from Jamaica grabs what he thinks is a handful of hair and a wig comes off in his hands--the fun would be endless ---man it could make the Antigua brawl look like a playground for 1st graders !!
Oh well-- sometimes it's fun to not be so serious.
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