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Thank you both for your replies.

We prefer to be looking forward rather than looking back at where we've been so I will search out cabins Starboard forward ... VERY good to know about the Aft elevators not going all the way down!! ... Especially with a toddler in tow!
Thanks a million!

Edit: Just a thought - what about if we booked a GTY cabin?? - They're the same price as an assigned cabin but I'm wondering what the chance of an upgrade would be?? .. I know, no one can predict the upgrade fairy BUT .... what's the worst we could end up with ??? Are there any really bad AF cabins or higher?? (Only reason I'm asking is that last time on X we changed to a GTY cabin in a ctaegory that had been showing sold out for quite a while while Owners Suites were showing available ... we got upgraded to an Owners suite .. niiicccee! ... I know it's ythe luck of the draw but what does everyone think?)
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