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Default Re: Food Poisoning on 2/18 Mille cruise?

My husband and I both became violently ill on the Millennium 2/18/01 sailing. Our experience was very similiar to that of Lisa's. In fact, my husband undoubtedly was in the infirmary at the same time she was. After receiving blood work which indicated infection, he was given antibiotics, anti-diarhea pills, and a shot of compazine along with a bill for $138.00. The doctor asked him what he ate for the last four days and that they were going to try to see if there was a common thread among complaints. Anyone who knows anything about medicine knows that food poisoning occurs within 24 hours. Throughout the remainder of the week, anyone I spoke to either had gotten ill Monday night or knew of someone who did. It was definitely not seasickness, I have blood work to prove it. Besides , I have curised several times in very bad weather, hurricane in fact, and never came close of getting sick. Cruise lines are notorious for their deny, deny, deny approach to problems wuch as these. Guest relations refused to take this off our bill but told us we would have to take it up with the main office. I am planning to do so and will be contacting the CSC, Cruise Sanitation Commission, to let them know of the problem. When will the Cruise LInes wake up to the fact that a little customer service at ground zero, i.e., admit a problem, let passengers know if and when it had been isolated and hopefully corrected, and pay the $138.00 medical fee. Reasonable requests.
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