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Originally Posted by brad813
First of all, although the Titanic movie was fiction, it was still plausible, for the most part. Secondly, we best hope this voyage does not meet with the same end at both the Titanic and her sister ship, the Lucitania.
The Lusitania was not the sister ship to the Titanic. The Olympic was Titanic's sister ship. Titanic and Olympic were constructed to "compete" with Lusitania.

Lusitania and Mauritania were sister ships and were part of Cunard's fleet. They were constructed four years before the Titanic. Titanic and Olympic sailed for White Star lines.

While both ships sank, one by iceberg and the other by torpedo, they really weren't too similar. Saying Titanic and Lusitania were sister ships would be like saying Voyager of the Seas and QM2 are sister ships.

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