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Thoth --- if you saw the summer we've had here in upstate New York (mostly cold, nothing but rain) you'd understand our want to be WARM. You got very lucky when you came up here. We started to warm up first week of May and we've had nothing but rain since the end of May. Most all the garden crops were ruined, etc. Our summer consisted of 3 hot weeks the first week of August. In fact guess what it's doing today??? You got it ----raining. Rice patties anyone?

Maybe the cruiselines have been getting folks complaining about being on the ocean for 2 and a half days before they reach an island. I, for one, enjoy that floating entertainment center so it doesn't matter to me. I have heard folks saying they felt uneasy about not seeing land. I haven't flown since pre 911 and hubby who flew all the time said he won't fly so right now it's a driveable port and that's our tough luck if we don't want to fly
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