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Originally Posted by Paul Motter
It is boring to those of us who already know and don't have a cruise planned on one of those ships, but unfortunately it is true, the ships have pod problems and sometimes it rears up - that is why RCL still has a major lawsuit against the manufacturer.

You have give Nurse Debra credit for consistency even though you may feel like throttling her at the same time.

Botom line - of you REALLY care about every single port you are supposed to visit then the pod situation could be a problem - however most people who take a cruise are there for the experience of being at sea and seeing some ports, but they are more flexible about the itinerary.

If you want a Celebrity ship, the Millennium class is beautiful and a bargain compared to the even more beautiful Solstice class. But go for the ship more than the ports.

Thanks for being the voice of reason about this problem. As a suggestion to those whose only response to what could be a serious problem on a future cruise is "let it go" they could try just not reading my posts instead of trying to suppress information from those who may be new here and are not even aware of what could happen.

I do understand that my information about these ongoing POD problems probably is boring to those who already know about them. Those who do know about these problems have already made their decision, either way, and that is fine.

What about those who may not be aware of the possibility of encountering this particular problem and either ask a specific question about one of these ships or those who are new to these boards?

Cruisemates does give readers the whole story and not just what a few people would like others to hear about.

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