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Originally Posted by luv2cruisetoo
Originally Posted by bguppies
I think it is a great thing that the Paymaster on the ship notifies the workers, who has already removed their autotips and who had left them intact.

At least it gives them a reasonable idea of who is going to stiff them outright and who will at least leave them the minimum tip.

I can not for the life of me, imagine anyone who has EVER been on a cruise before, feeling that the $10 a day minimum tip is too much for even mediocre service. (considering overall how much service you are given each and every day)

And the old time cruiser excuse about wanting to give the entire tip in person in the envelope is just total BS.

What is the difference if the waiters and stewards get their cut of the $10 each day and then you cash tip them additionally at the end?(that is what we always do)

I guess these people feel better about themselves by handing an envelope with slightly more cash in it, than just the additional tip?!?!?!

Plus if the rumored Carnival policy, of making waiters and stewards turn over any cash tips at the end of the cruise, if auto tips were removed, then having those cash tips put in a pool, but if the auto tips are left on, they get to keep any additional cash tips at the end of a cruise.
If this practice is correct, then people removing autotips are just hurting their waiters and stewards, rather than giving to them directly.

Obviously, anybody who removes autotips, and doesn't pay at all, is just some sub-human creature I wouldn't want to cruise with, let alone meet or eat with.

I say Kudos to Carnival for letting their workers know this info and let them make educated decisions about service, based on who is more likely to at least leave them the minimum tip. (I'm sure they can tell somewhat, who is more likely to stiff them after reading the list.)

Definition of tip or gratuity: "Something given voluntarily or beyond obligation, usually for some service."

Maybe the cruise lines should pay their own employees a fair wage and let a tip be what it is meant to be. I have asked my cabin steward pointedly if he would prefer the auto tip or a cash tip to him personally and he replied "a cash tip". I have always tipped for good service, but I also do not feel obligated to tip for just the service itself as I feel the service itself is included in the price of the cruise. I know tipping is a sore subject with many, but tipping everyone who provides a service could be endless...... I believe it is not for me to judge people for the amount they personally choose to tip or not to tip at all. Would we all be so accepting of auto-tips being added to our bill in our daily lives who provided us with a service (physicians, nurses, sales personnel, grocery store cashiers, etc. etc)?
On Carnival, not true on every line, the auto tip is not forced. It is not a tip in advance. Any pax may change the tip at any time 24/7 to any amount, including 0, for any reason. The tips are not paid by you until the cruise is over and your check or credit card has cleared. And the workers do not receive the tip until then either. That is hardly a tip in advance.
And the reason for auto-tips in the first place was because "CASH" tippers,,,,,,,,,DIDN'T!

Prior to auto tipping the 'tip night' found the dining room LESS than half full as cheap screws gave up a meal to avoid tipping a cent! Not hearsay or rumor, I have been cruising for over 40 years and watched it happen. It was embarrassing to me for the rudeness and cheapness of my fellow man.

And in 50 cruises, I have NOT tipped 3 individuals for terrible service. But that was truly BAD service, not service less than expected, but BAD. Not on Carnival, 1 was on a very upscale line. [I was too new to cruising to speak to the MD' then.]
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