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Default Re: Food Poisoning on 2/18 Mille cruise?

Was on 2/18 cruise also...we chose Monday night to eat in the Olympic. Maybe the timing was right. We never experienced any issues on the cruise other than too many kids ( out fault, Presidents week ). I feel sorry for the folks that suffered but we experienced wonderful food and service. We had a table for two on the lower level and our staff headed by Nenad was the best. In retrospect, we were a little disappointed the dress code seemed to be largely ignored...too many shorts and even jeans on inappropriate nights....looking forward to our next cruise.Donna wrote:
> My husband and I both became violently ill on the Millennium
> 2/18/01 sailing. Our experience was very similiar to that of
> Lisa's. In fact, my husband undoubtedly was in the infirmary
> at the same time she was. After receiving blood work which
> indicated infection, he was given antibiotics, anti-diarhea
> pills, and a shot of compazine along with a bill for
> $138.00. The doctor asked him what he ate for the last four
> days and that they were going to try to see if there was a
> common thread among complaints. Anyone who knows anything
> about medicine knows that food poisoning occurs within 24
> hours. Throughout the remainder of the week, anyone I spoke
> to either had gotten ill Monday night or knew of someone who
> did. It was definitely not seasickness, I have blood work to
> prove it. Besides , I have curised several times in very bad
> weather, hurricane in fact, and never came close of getting
> sick. Cruise lines are notorious for their deny, deny, deny
> approach to problems wuch as these. Guest relations refused
> to take this off our bill but told us we would have to take
> it up with the main office. I am planning to do so and will
> be contacting the CSC, Cruise Sanitation Commission, to let
> them know of the problem. When will the Cruise LInes wake up
> to the fact that a little customer service at ground zero,
> i.e., admit a problem, let passengers know if and when it had
> been isolated and hopefully corrected, and pay the $138.00
> medical fee. Reasonable requests.
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