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Default Costa Pacifica questions

Greetings! I am brand new to this forum so please forgive me and correct me if I do anything wrong with this post. My questions concern the Costa Pacifica. We selected this cruise because we wanted to go to Ephesus and Cairo and the time we could go was February or March. Our possibilities were limited. Since putting a hold on this cruise (our hold expires tomorrow afternoon), we have discovered that it seems Costa often cancels at the last minute their English speaking excursions. We feel we can tour the ports on our own except for Ephesus and Cairo. Here are our questions: QUESTION #1: How likely are cancellations of English speaking tours? QUESTION #2: What tips can be offfered on arranging private English speaking tours of Ephesus and Cairo? QUESTION #3: My husband has a medical allergy to smoke. How "smoky" are Costa cruises? How about the cabins? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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