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Default do your jewelry & gem research

If you plan to buy jewelry or loose stones while on vacation, do some shopping around before your trip so you can have an idea about fair prices and market standards. Buy and learn to use a jewelers loupe and take it with you. As soon as I take out my loupe, whether in a Tanzanite International abroad or in a local store, the salesperson knows I mean business and am not a someone they can try to scam. We were in 7 Western Caribbean ports in Aug 09 and saw very little that was not over priced. We talked one guy down from $500 to $175 on a bracelet. Have a pre-determined budget in mind and STICK TO IT! If you don't really love it, don't buy it. Haggle, leave the store and take a breath and think about any potential purchases BEFORE you buy anything. Happy shopping.
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