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Originally Posted by Chacooe
I have been a reading about the Titanic since I was 7 years old, and many of you think that Jack and Rose were fictional, but in real life they were not. There were actually a passenger who won his ticket in a poker game just before sailing and there really was a person like Rose on the ship. I myself would love to do that cruise, but like some others have said the price for it is outrageous. I have heard that there is not that many booking the cruise so it may not happen unless they bring down the prices or another line decides to do one (which I hope it is Carnival since they bought out Cunard who use to own White Star). There is still time for another line to do it.
Actually, there was a real Jack Dawson on the Titanic, but he wasn't a passenger, per se. On my first cruise to Canada, we took a tour to the Maritime Museum where they have some of the artifacts found at the site where the Titanic sunk. We also took a guided tour to the cemetary (morbid as it sounds) where many of the victims are buried. We saw Jack Dawson's grave, but the real Jack wasn't anything like the fictional one.

According to our guide, the producer visited the cemetary before production started, was looking at the tombstones and came across Dawsons's. He then had the idea of using a real person's name to play the lead role, but Jack Dawson, according to the guide, was an employee who worked in the boiler room. As soon as the movie was released flocks of young girls would visit the tomb and leave teddy bears, balloons, and love letters thinking the Jack Dawson that died in the movie was the real one buried there.
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