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Unless I forgot the title of this thread, I think it was "Millennium the good and the bad"; I will try to bring this thread back on topic.

I also could go on for ever about personal (me) experiences that were not the best, but instead will stick to problems that can impact ALL passengers on the Millennium.

The latest reported propulsion failure happened on the Millennium just a few short months ago. The only question I have to ask is, how anyone would feel if they had flown to Australia only to find out they were unknowingly sailing on a ship that had a recurring defect that was going to cause all of the passengers to miss a lot of what they had spent thousands of dollars to see.

As another poster said on another thread, different personal experiences are one thing but a systemic problem that can impact ALL passengers onboard a cruise ship is quite another. These propulsion problems have ruined many cruises in the past and IMHO they will continue to happen to unsuspecting passengers in the future. All the spin or posts, in the world, trying to dismiss this problem will not change the facts.

Trinton, Glad to hear you had a good time with no problems on your recent Infinity cruise. I agree that when things are working those mclass ships are as good as any other mainstream cruise ships, but when they are not; well I have the feeling that you have to be on board to understand.

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