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I feel sorry that you did not have the great experience that I had two cruises before you.

As for the lack of all access sauna in the Spa, there is one, but perhaps it wasnn't pointed out. I had a spa cabin, so I had access to tepidarium and thalasso pool. I loved those rooms and I must admit, it was quite relaxing and did wonders for my rickety knees, until the damn escalators/elevators in the location work ALL decided to go out of order and that meant walking up/down escalators!

The food always seems to be the same--tasty and plentiful. I guess it can vary from cruise to cruise!!!!!

As for the passengers--yes, it goes up and down. There was a good mix of people when I went and the deck party was just wild!!!!!

I must totally agree with you, the Splendor does NOT belong at Long Beach. They should bring a Spirit class back and leave it there. The ship is large and it would be best suited in the calm waters of the Caribbean. I would love to go back on the Splendor again, but I wish it was in the ported in South Florida instead of California!!!!! Carnival MAY in time move it when they realize that a smaller ship would work better. They could also change the route up and do different ports instead of the same boring ports....One time to Mexico is enough...If I was lucky and won the lotto again, I would do the ship again becase of some crew members I met and to really have time to enjoy to as my birthday cruise whizzed by too fast and I missed out on some fun stuff to do......

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