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Default Cabin Share - Will try to match

Single Cabin Share

There are all kinds of sites, which have been created in an attempt to allow users to find a compatible cabin mate. Regrettably I have yet to find any that have been successful in finding that ideal travel mate. A decision to share a cabin is not one most of us take lightly as we all have a natural tendency to be very wary of sharing a small space with someone we do not know, or at least know well.

Most single men and women who wish to find a cabin mate, are looking for a purely platonic, no strings cabin companion with the main aim being to get rid of that “dreaded single supplement”. If the share is such that you really get along, dining together, sharing on board entertainment and perhaps land tours is a nice plus but not an essential ingredient of a cabin share.

I have been on these sites for a few years and have yet to find the ideal travel share/companion. This is because trying to match the itinerary, preferred cruise line, budget and timing is a nightmare, which results in several back and forth e-mails with no resulting conclusion.

I am therefore considering setting up a database where those of us who are interested can register our details and on a purely voluntary basis I will attempt to match individuals from the data provided. When I find a good match, I will notify the individuals that I have found a potential match and ask if you wish me to share your profile with the other party. It will then be up to the two parties to take this further by contacting each other and trying to negotiate a mutually acceptable Cruise.

There are no catches and information will remain confidential until you give approval for it to be shared with another user of the service. There is also no liability on my part – I am going to try to find someone who appears to match but its up to the parties to determine if it is the right fit.

If you are interested, please e-mail me the following information to

First Name:
Sex (M/F)
Sexual Orientation
Favored Cruise Lines
Preferred Itinerary (please be specific)
Preferred Departure Country
Length of Cruise ( 7 or less, 7-14, over 14 days)
Time Frame (please be specific) example Month 2010 or From /To 2010.
Whether you will Share with Male/Female/Either
Budget for Cruise (less than $1000, 1000/2000, 2000/3000, 3000/4000).

I have a more detailed questionnaire, which I will share with you after the initial database is set up. Please I am doing this in my spare time so allow time for this to be set up.
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