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Originally Posted by katlady
Originally Posted by Thoth
Interestingly enough since the Splendor is too large for the Panama Canal, it might be stuck on the West Coast for a while. When they relocate her it might be some grand world cruise in that they would need to cross the world to get her to Florida?
They could put the Splendor on the Hawaii route. Start 14 day cruises from Long Beach to Hawaii. Or they could do Alaska cruises with it. The pool is enclosed, which means people could swim on an alaska cruise even if it's raining.
sign me up ! I'll even wear a lei with one of my many Hawaiian shirts.
Seriously though , Splendor to Alaska sounds like a swell idea to me, considering just how popular that itinerary is. Spirit holds 2100 ( double occupancy) compared to Splendor's 3000. That's about 900 more pax per sailing=$$$ in Carnivals pocket. Makes sense.
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Read and post cruise reviews
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