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As with most things in life, any change, no matter how small, brings out the complaining spirit in some people who are inclined that way. Here's the truth of the matter.

I looked at the current bar menu and saw a couple of exclusive drinks that were over $10.00. Most alcoholic beverages were in the $4.00 to $6.00 range with daily drink specials. The average drink price is well under $10.00.

The non-smoking policy has changed only slightly. Guests who smoke have ample places to go to enjoy a cigarette, if they wish. Certain public areas are off limits just as it is in most public areas on shore.

Here is the exact statement regarding the changes in the Captain's party:

After our successful 3 month trial on the Carnival Valor where we tested this new version of the Captain's Cocktail Party now called Captain's Celebration, we are now moving this fleet wide to all our ships starting with cruises on 9/12/09 and onward. The only exceptions will be on the Carnival Ecstasy, which will start after dry dock in October and the Carnival Spirit, which will start after the 2nd Hawaii cruise in October.

The new version of the Captain's Celebration will be held along the Promenade Deck from 5pm-8pm (instead of as previously scheduled from 5pm-6pm and then again 7pm- 8pm) with cocktails available at $1 off the regular price for the duration of this time.

The Captain will then be introducing the Senior Officers right before the Production Shows at 8:20pm and 10:20pm.

Then at our Fun Farewell Appreciation Party at the end of the cruise, scheduled from 5pm-6pm, we will be serving free drinks to our guests.

As far as the crew is concerned, when have you sailed on a Carnival ship and found that the crew "is nasty and don't give a crap". I find that very unlikely.
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