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Default I agree about Splendor.

I agree with you. We just returned from our cruise on Oct. 11 and were very disappointed in the ship. The crew was great and we did have a large young crowd. But the changes did not make us happy campers:
1. The lack of smoking area. One couple was told they would be fined $250.00 if they smoked on their balcony!
2. The restroom were hard to find and very small. In order for 2 people to pass each other, one person had to step in a stall.
3. No beverages (ice tea, coffee, etc) out on the Lido deck near the pizza! You had to trail all the way back into the buffet to get a drink.
4. Very few coffee pots on the Lido deck. By the time I stood in line to get my coffee in the morning, my breakfast was cold. There were only 2 machines near the eggs and they often ran out.
5. A lot of blocked areas. We never could get up to the bow area. We have always been able to on other ships.

It takes a lot for me to complain. I heard many angry people and I think their concerns were valid. I also heard about the $1.00 discount instead of free but we didn't go.

I hope they move the Splendor. Bring back the Pride. We are planning a 20th anniversary cruise with family next year (Nov. 2010). We won't sail the Splendor again.
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