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Originally Posted by doopydozer
Originally Posted by AIS
Not quite correct on Canadian Medicare. Your Provincial MCP number is valid in all provinces, you will not be denied medical care for a doctor visit or emerg services as long as your card is valid and you have it in person. I had on occasion had medical services in other provinces and it wasn't an issue. . In my case Ontario billed Nova Scotia for my medical services.

For visits outside the country, get private medical insurance(Blue Cross etc)
A lot depends on which province . Most provinces have there own rules.
In BC , companies like Blue Cross are the admin's for the provincal plan.
All charges go to them and they then bill the BC MSP .
They also deal with the extended benefits that they provide to
different companies.
Here is a quote from the Nova Scotia Dept of Health on travel out of Province but within Canada:

"If you are traveling within Canada, all provinces have signed an Interprovincial Reciprocal Billing Agreement (except Qu├Ębec for physician services). If you show your current provincial Health Card to the provider for medically necessary insured services, the claims will be paid by the host province. They will be reimbursed by your home province."

The point I am trying to make is for Medically necessary insured services(accident, sudden illness etc)you are covered by your Provincial Medi card.
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