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Default Re: I agree about Splendor.

Originally Posted by Karen46

I won't even try to understand the "minority" complaint. Like it is Carnival's fault who books a cruise????? We have sailed from almost every port .....and every port has a different demographic sailing from it.

At any one time...there are up to 60 countries presented on a Carnival Cruise line.

Now if that isn't diversity...I don't know what is.

Just because someone thought "a particular" race wasn't represented well....tends to make the complaint sound more like a racist one than a cruise one.
well stated ! I would say that cruise ships are some of the most multi-cultured, multi-race, multi- ethnic, color blind places around, at least with the crew demographics. I always find it touching when they proclaim something to the effect of....."on-board our crew is represented by something like 50 nationalities and we work together & live together in mutual harmony" I always say "AMEN" to that and may the world learn something from the "Fun ships"
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Read and post cruise reviews
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