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Default Re: I agree about Splendor.

Originally Posted by lhp
Originally Posted by Karen46
I agree with you. We just returned from our cruise on Oct. 11 and were very disappointed in the ship. The crew was great and we did have a large young crowd. But the changes did not make us happy campers:
1. The lack of smoking area. One couple was told they would be fined $250.00 if they smoked on their balcony!
2. The restroom were hard to find and very small. In order for 2 people to pass each other, one person had to step in a stall.
3. No beverages (ice tea, coffee, etc) out on the Lido deck near the pizza! You had to trail all the way back into the buffet to get a drink.
4. Very few coffee pots on the Lido deck. By the time I stood in line to get my coffee in the morning, my breakfast was cold. There were only 2 machines near the eggs and they often ran out.
5. A lot of blocked areas. We never could get up to the bow area. We have always been able to on other ships.

It takes a lot for me to complain. I heard many angry people and I think their concerns were valid. I also heard about the $1.00 discount instead of free but we didn't go.

I hope they move the Splendor. Bring back the Pride. We are planning a 20th anniversary cruise with family next year (Nov. 2010). We won't sail the Splendor again.

The ONLY people who would be fined for smoking in their cabins are people with a SPA cabin. This is common knowledge for anyone who is booking this ship. So the other 90% of the cabins are still smoking as are their balconies. What a ridiculous statement to make about the cabins when 90% of them still allow smoking.

Yes, the entire Lido on the Splendor is nonsmoking because it is a covered area and is considered an indoor space (even when the retractable roof is open). This ship was NOT built for Carnival. It was built for Costa. But Costa did not have the bookings to accept it when it was Carnival took it into its fleet.

I am not debating the OP complaints about no free drinks... just correcting their incorrect information. NOTHING HAS BEEN TAKEN AWAY IN THIS DEPARTMENT>

Yes, the Captain's Party has been changed. But there are still FREE drinks at the Farewell Party. So instead of the incorrect information that Carnival has taken something AWAY...they have actually ADDED something. Free drinks at the Farewell party AND discounted drinks at the Captains' celebration. Last time I checked...TWO events are more than ONE.

This was changed because cruisers wanted more "face time" with the Captain and officers. So instead of one quick hand shake....guests can now have a real conversation. And it lasts for 3 hours....

The complaint about the Spa lockers is ridiculous. The lockers are available to everyone. I did not have one Spa treatment the entire time I was on the Splendor and I used the lockers every day without a problem.

There is a reduction to one sauna/steam room which is co-ed...instead of the male/female rooms but this one is still FREE.

Again, this ship ADDED the option of a thalasso pool. Again, nothing has been "taken away" from the spa in the jaccuzi area....most Carnival ships do not have jaccuzi in the gym area.

Sorry that smoking is being more and more restricted. That is the world we live in today. Carnival bills itself as a "family" cruise line and the exposure of children to second hand smoke is no longer an option.

There will always be places for smokers to smoke...but the only folks that should be inconvenienced ...are the ones with the addiction. No one else should have to suffer for another person's habit. No one (not even a smoker) has the right to harm another human being. Cigarettes (just like alcohol) are legal...but that does not give anyone the right to inflict harm on a child.

I won't even try to understand the "minority" complaint. Like it is Carnival's fault who books a cruise????? We have sailed from almost every port .....and every port has a different demographic sailing from it.

At any one time...there are up to 60 countries presented on a Carnival Cruise line.

Now if that isn't diversity...I don't know what is.

Just because someone thought "a particular" race wasn't represented well....tends to make the complaint sound more like a racist one than a cruise one.

Very well said. Also, you can smoke in the cigar bar on deck 4 anytime you want and you have a huge room to yourself. And as was earlier said most drinks are well under $10. Get the facts Jack!!
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