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As an older heterosexual woman I often write on this board as Triton will confirm..The comment in the paper says it all.." the couple's lawyer says they were embarrassed after spotting people they knew but had not realized were gay on the ship." If the ship were chartered for an "all gay cruise" the company should have told them. We were on a Celebrity cruise that the previous cruise may have been chartered by a "gay/lesbian group" and a great many of the passengers stayed on board to travel back to the US and this was for two weeks.. Two mothers of two couples invited us to the Tea Dance/party later in the, I didn't go..too late for Parrot Pop and I.. As for the "gay" entertainment.. I myself would have been laughing my head off. The cruise for this couple was only for a few days.. I just wonder if they were embarassed at meeting people who had "come out" and were more comfortable on a gay cruise.. and this couple was not very accepting of their life style.. Hey.. what do you want from a flaming liberal from MA.
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