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Hi GHDallas:

I understand and hear your concerns and wish =X= didn't take this step backwards. Honestly, I don't think their motive was disciminatory. Working in hospitality, I think it would be a foolish move for any hotel, cruise line, restaurant, etc. to move backwards or blatantly take a stand which subjected the GLBT vacationer to feel awkward and second-best. Truly, it would have been better for X to not have advertised FOD at all, than to post and then take it away.

Saying that, maybe we should voice our concerns collectively and individually to Celebrity and RCI. I'm game, how about you? Any others?

In answer to your question about "what is a gathering", I think that FOD would be more of a social gathering, wherein Freinds of Bill W is a support group for alchoholics and the Protestant / Jewish meetings are for religous ceremonies or services. I do hear what you are questioning, and hope that the GLBT voice reaches out to not only Celebrity but other organizations to challenge their "executive" decisions.
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