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I'm not going to turn this into a racial debate but; I recently cruised out of Puerto Rico on RCCL and until you're at the bottom of a very tall totem pole, you problem don't know how low you really are.

I'm Black (being called African American is an insult to me), and my girlfriend is Asian, and cruising from Puerto Rico we were very surprised (looking back, I have no idea why we'd be surprised), to be amoung very few Black, Asian, or White people onboard.

I'm not complaining but; whomever says they don't notice race is a lie. You can't help but to notice when things are "seasoned differently". Especially when you have time, day after day to soak up information.

On a 7 day cruise you begin to recognize all sorts of things when you're in such an environment. We had a great time on our cruise and because we can enjoy ourselves with everyone or with ourselves.
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