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Does one have to be Black, Brown,Striped, African American, Mexican American, Irish-American, etc. etc.??
Why can't we just be American's and let it go at that ?
It doesn't make any difference to me what color someone is or isn't--it's the person that matters--if someone's a nut, then their a nut--they don't have to stake a claim on being a white nut, black nut, Irish nut, etc--a nut is just that-- a nut--that's all.
I don't count how many different colors, nationalities, etc. I see when I go cruising--maybe that's a new game we can come up with--see how many Germans, Brits, French, Canadians, Americans ( of course we have to separate out the Americans into colors, religions, etc ) and at the end of the cruise give whomever has the most accurate count a cigar for their week of wasted work!!
My last cruise a few weeks ago my wife and I were sitting at a table in the buffet and 3 German couples came by looking for somewhere to sit-- It was crowded--they asked if they could sit with us-- we said sure-- a couple of them could speak some English and I can say a few words in German--we had fun trying to talk with each other. The ones who couldn't speak English had our conversation translated by the couple who could and vice versa--but one thing everyone understands is laughter-- we all enjoyed our lunch and maybe it was made a little more enjoyable because of the fact we had a little diversity at the table.

People should be like Pop Eye the Sailor man who used to say---
" I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam--I'm Pop Eye the Sailor Man"

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