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Originally Posted by Thoth
After visiting about 35 different countries, I have a hypothesis that people are people. We have more in common than we differ....perhaps I'm wrong in such conjecture.
After as many countries myself I agree... In fact if you look into a crowd at a "new" place you can make out people that you thought you knew... but in fact are strangers. It seems that we all have "dopplegangers" in other countries. They MAY be your "color" or not but look so much like your friend/sister/neighbor/etc. that you are amazed for a second or two until you realize it is not them.

While living in St. Thomas I went over to St. Croix for the day and saw another "lookalike" that proceeded to come over to me and ask if my father ran a country club in St. Matthews, SC... I was astounded... he WAS a friend on a vacation.. WOW someone who I actually knew. Never would have seen him if I had not been on a day trip to another island. LOL
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