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Originally Posted by funmaker
Originally Posted by briguy
Originally Posted by funmaker
I cruised Splendor on 9/20/09 and even tho I had alot of fun, I understand where you are coming from. I noticed the older crowd, 1.00 off drinks and would have smoked (I am a non-smoker, social smoker) if it were more readily available. I was mostly on aft deck 9 pool area and alot of the smokers had to go up 1 deck and smoke by themselves. (Sad) I will say that I had to jump in the hot tub and pool area to meet people and make cruise friends. I am over 50 and had a great time. I was quite surprised when some very fun african american gals got kicked out of the pool. I thought Carnival was the fun ship. I saw them later that afternoon in the pool and everything was cool. Just differences in fun I guess. I am sorry you didnt have a better cruise, I guess I would go crazy with fun leaving from a different port. Maybe next time I will venture out to the Carribbean.

Were those girls making tons of racket around noonish on a sea day? If so I was there and they annoyed the hell out of me. One in particular. They were having a good time though. I thought the whole experience was great. I dont care what color people are, the crew was friendly and the food was good. I dont smoke so I dont care about that. I really hate people that have to crap on Carnival every time they dont get their expectations met. I dont want to sail with the OP. He is a downer and he can go to a land based resort.
It could have been the same group. But the day I am talking about was storm day. The pool was very full and I guess very loud because is must have annoyed a few of the young couples. Oh well, I also enjoyed Splendor and thought the crew was friendly. I also didn't mind the decor. I was a little annoyed because only 2 of the aft elevators were working at any given time and I had to take stairs most of the time. But hey, I got exercise and did not gain any weight. I guess it was too bad we didnt meet up. Did you karoke?

Karoake'd a few times and tried out for the legends but got eliminated early. I was Elton in the show last year but there were better singers than me this time so I didnt feel too bad. It did make my realize I am not that good though. Think I will stay off the big stage for awhile.
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