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That was interesting, Paul. Thanks for sharing it.

Sounds like the straight couple was a little uptight and out of their element? Having grown up not being true to myself in a "straight white man's world" and not accepting my sexuality until 30 (married with a child and extremely closeted for many years) - I think I may understand a little more from trying to be and live in the "straight" and "gay" culture.

Sadly, it doesn't sound like the uptight couple gave the gays a chance. Most interactions I have with straight folks and interactions I've seen (gay interactions with straight) is welcoming, kind, witty, funny and just plain old NICE! My guess would be that out of several hundred gay couples on board, 2/3 went out of their way to be nice to the straight couple.

Gladly, I think, "What a great experience for the hetro they have a taste of what we feel like being the 10-15%". Hopefully they walked away understanding how we feel, albeit for us it really is just a fact of life. I also don't think the [reverse] critical / judgemental attitude is as prevelant in gays as it is with many experience is that gays are more affirming and accepting with diversity.

As for the couple suing? There are a lot of unahppy people out there and they look for any reason to sue or take others down. As Ron and Jon said, we just disembarked a cruise where there were only a couple dozen Gays and Lesbians, out of 2000 passengers. We were fine with it.

"It's educational people..." -

Just sayin...
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