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Parrot Mom,

Originally Posted by You
Didn "t know there were so many male fashionistas.. I'd just love to comment on several on their choices of clothes.. The only one that comments on my clothes is the man paying for it...Parrot Pop.. So, I'd like to know the females in the life of the male fashionitas and if they pay for their clothes... For the record.. every woman has their own style..and if Parrot Pop bought me something that I wasn't comfortable with.. it would either hang in my closet....or be returned nicely.. So, you men fashionitas.. show us what your wearing..
Hey, we guys just want our "arm pieces" to "turn us on" and to be the envy of every other guy in the room, and the rest of our "eye candy" to be visually enticing! ;-)


Seriously, why the sexism? Do you think that any gentleman is going to steer you to something that you don't model well? Do you think that a gentleman doesn't know when you are not the right model for a dress or that a gentleman can't say, "Hmmm... Let's see if we can find another style that will better achieve the desired effect!" like a prudent sales representative would?

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